The Incredible Letter Project

It starts of as a very ordinary day and suddenly, I’m hit with it.  Another weird idea.  Another way to perhaps change the world and to make a difference in someone’s day.  The other day was no different:  I headed to the post office to pick up my mail and saw, amongst a pile of bills to be paid, a few Christmas cards.  I have long stopped sending those. I love receiving them – but the idea of sharing into the tradition is not important to me .  What DID hit me, is that as a society, we write less and less letters.  E-mails and texts, social media and Instagram have taken over the art of letter writing.  You supposedly can transmit your thoughts with 100 characters and a few emoticons.  We’ve accepted this.  We’re moving on.  Or are we ? I guess I’m a romantic at heart – and dream of receiving that one letter which will make me cry and swoon.  One written on old paper with a black pen – sealed in a wax medallion. 

As you probably all know, I am moving in a few months and I have begun packing my things.  In a box, I have every single letter that my husband sent me when I was in University.  I kept every scrap of paper.  Every card.  Every I LOVE YOU note.  And as I go through them once a year, I am reminded of how easy it was to make me happy back then.  How excited I was to walk over to that mailbox and find a letter – sometimes two or three – waiting for me.  Words of the heart.  Terms of  Endearment.  Words written by hand – by HIS hand – expressing how important I was to him.  

As I came home that evening, I put forth a new idea.  On Facebook, I told people to send me their addresses , and that I would randomly send them a letter.  And then I waited.  And the addresses started pouring in.  One, two, three.   A few days later – they are still creeping in.  My wish is for many to think about the concept – and to perhaps join the Incredible Letter Project.  Addresses are sent.  Letters are being written and sent.  Just because.  It’s easy .  It’s fun.  And it could perhaps one day save somebody’s Life .  Someone who is alone.  Ill. Sad.  Waiting for a sign that Life is important and worth enjoying.  Someone who forgot that the Universe sometimes sends us a sign in the most unlikely of ways.  So I invite you to peruse the Facebook page.  Like it.  And then – send in your address.  You may be the one to receive one of my letters….

Have  a great day !

Saturday’s Thought of the Day



Always try to start the day with a deep breath and a positive thought.  No matter how bad yesterday was, it’s in the past – and tomorrow is a brand new day to change the course of your journey.  You may meet someone, realize something or simply feel a little better, if only for a few seconds more than yesterday.  Breathe.  Exhale.  Breathe in again.  Listen to your intuition – what is it telling you? Mine this morning whispered that it was going to be a great day.  Some ME time.  Some let’s re-evaluate things time.  Some reading-for-people time.  Perhaps a few visitors at my home – and later – a few visitors from Spirit. 

It’s Saturday and the pace is slower.  I’m going to have one great day :  a positive thought at a time …

About the Time Change …

It’s arrived.  One of my most dreaded times of year : the time change happens Sunday morning at 2 Am.   Tomorrow, people around me will smile and think how great it was to have that extra hour to sleep in.  I will still be up at the ‘regular’ time – and have to function through my day.  I’ll still have to deal with the fact that my biological functions are set for certain times – and have all been moved backwards.  I’ll have to deal with the fact that I will likely be driving home in the dark now – with blaring lights hurting my eyes.  ( I have sensory difficulties and lights are my biggest obstacles ).  It will take me at least 2 weeks to adjust.  My patience will be greatly reduced.  My production will be almost non-existent.  My anxiety will be up.  I likely will be close to tears every day…. I will have migraines.  And people will tell me how the time change affects everybody and how I should really ‘suck’ it up.  It’s part of Life.  Yet it’s going to be harder than that.  When one lives on the Autism Spectrum – regular Life is difficult enough ….  Adding this extreme change to the mix is really painful.

So please :  if you are the parent, the friend or the colleague of an individual on the spectrum this weekend :  please please please try to understand.  Limit your expectations of us .  Do not ask us to participate in activities if we are not inclined to do so.  Hold our hand if we ask you to do so – and respect our bigger-than-usual personal space requirements.  Changes and transitions are never easy – at least not for me – this 43 year old Aspie woman … but I’ll get it … I’ll get used to it :  I just need time to do so …


Although most times it’s about Family and friends, sometimes your Guides and the Universe make you stop.  Analyze your life.  And make you realize that really, this time – it’s about YOU.  Perhaps you’re tired and overworked.  Worried.  Stressed. You’ve been running around trying to keep everything around you solid and intact – while you are yourself falling apart.  Your Guides sense that you’re tired.  Depleted.  And they offer you insight on how to calm down.  Stop.  Rest.  And regroup so that your body and soul can be whole again.  So listen up :  what are your Guides telling YOU?  Will you stop and listen ?  The Universe knows best …..  just saying … 

Repeat after me :  I’ve haven’t been able to slow down … up until now ….   ( Thank you John Edward … )



Quiet Tuesday Night



There are times when things are left better unsaid and even undone.  Like this morning ….  So many things to share – so many opinions – but just not the right timing.  In our society of video screens and instant media, we often feel the need to fill the void.  To say, watch or do something.  Sometimes, it’s okay to be still.  And quiet.  The people around us need it.  We need it.  Our hearts and souls need it.  Being quiet is a difficult thing to do and it would seem that our whole society has trouble with the concept.  I work with teenagers who are always plugged in and just cannot slow down.  Then they complain of being tired and irritable.  They partake in a variety of activities at school, do homework, go to work and start over.  Day in and day out.  My colleagues are no different:  at this time of year, many are running on empty.  Our patience is getting low.  Germs and viruses are sneaking in : many are down with the flu or of exhaustion. I often tell them that they need to slow down :  and they ask me when do I have TIME to slow down?

I am no better, but at least I realize that I am close to running on empty.  So today, even through my extremely busy day, I  found time to be quiet.  To be alone for a few minutes and just be still and quiet.  Away from people.  Away from demands.  Away from my colleagues  and from my flashing phone.  I closed my eyes.  Blocked my ears.  Locked my door for a few minutes.  And just disappeared from the World and its demands for a few moments.  You should do the same……

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear. ”   ―    Baba Ram Das

Tuesday’s Musing ….

I am pressed for time this morning – however – I want to leave you with a little thought for your day : 

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.  ~Leo Buscaglia


Hope that your Day brings you smiles and moments of gratitude .  And as always, listen to Universe sending you her messages … you may be pleasantly surprised .